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Modeling Red - Part 7

Modeling Red – Part 7


While I’m still not happy with the overall roundness of the eyes in profile, I like what textures have been able to do for this character. I think I’ll make her lips a bit paler now that I’ve got the overall shape of them. The lipstick looks ice, but it’s not the sort fo thing that goes well with this character’s personality (a disadvantage to modeling preconceived characters I guess).




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Modeling the Short Film Props - Part 5

Modeling the Short Film Props – Part 5

The room itself needed a bit of attention so I thought I’d take a stab at a baseboard, although I wanted something different than those boring old baseboards everyone models out of nurbs when they’re first starting out. It’s a rudimentary attempt at classic wooden paneling, so it’s not as handsome as the really fancystuff seen in old libraries, studies, heritage buildings and pubs. I’m also…

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Texturing the Short Film Props - Part 1

Texturing the Short Film Props – Part 1

While the modelling isn’t quite finished, I thought a few basic entities would benefit from a texture test, like this lampshade.


I wanted the lamp to have some pink on the lampshade without being too bright or too flat, so I set up a basic checkerboard pattern using #ffccff, a light, pastel pink.


It still looked a bit basic, so I messed with the grid to create a simple plaid, introducing…

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Aces and sex


•Some asexuals are sex repulsed and don’t want to have sex that’s ok
•Some asexuals have sex to reproduce that’s ok
•Some asexuals have sex because it’s pleasurable that’s ok
•Some asexuals have sex to make sure their partner is happy that’s ok
•Assuming that all asexuals will remain virgins their entire lives because they identify as asexual and tease them about it iS nOt Ok

People are individuals, don’t stereotype

rant over

I feel like there’s a contradictory message here…

Modeling the Short Film Props - Part 4

Modeling the Short Film Props – Part 4


I wanted to give nCloth a shot having watched a few simulations. I was pleasantly surprised that the simulations ran well on my machine, albeit a little slow when the mesh was more detailed. Still, nothing hung up too badly, not in Maya and especially not the OS. I guess this means the 8 Gigs of RAM and i7 Quad Core processor I paid for are doing their jobs, good!


The setup process is…

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Modelling the Short Film Props – Part 3

Modelling the Short Film Props – Part 3


Pillows are nothing but a blob of stuffing held together by a fabric casing. They range from very soft and squishy to very firm and rigid, it depends on the preference of the sleeping individual. They’re typically stuffed with some sort of fleece or feathers, although foam pillows are becoming popular for their ability to support your head and neck while still being able to return to it’s shape…

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Modeling Red - Part 6

Modeling Red – Part 6


A quick shot using viewport 2.0. Hair isn’t finished yet but is definitely getting there, her clothing is mostly finished (still some lumps and bumps in the skirt), and her boots need soles.


I’m also experimenting with texture effects to achieve a similar look to this,starting with the eyes. I’m using a phong shader at the moment to create natural reflection (if I’d painted it into the texture…

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