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VFX Project – Time Machine! Production Phase II

Throwing a test render into the comp for roto. I’m still trying to get the right lighting effect (not too cool, not too warm, not too much blue, red or yellow, etc.)

Dynamic Thursday – nCloth Draping

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If you hear this in public, tell me to get my phone

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this is legitimately the best headline i have ever read in my entire life 


figuring out complicated designs in perspective doesnt have to make you mad so here is good tips to keep in mind. can be used for all kinds of things


Even Galapagos tortoises enjoy watermelon in the summer. Watch the full video.

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confirm me for smash or the pink one gets itimage

Moonflower - Animatic 10 from Niki Gerrier on Vimeo.

Another progress update on my short film. Most of the textures/models have been completed, and the final render is nearly ready to go!

Modeling the Short Film Props – Part 12

Lots of progress to update this week!

New baseboard structure in progress (texture will be updated later)!


Initial layout phase…


Along the entire back wall…

There was a bit of an issue with textures in the master set file, but since I moved some things around everything’s working fine again (let’s just hope I don’t jinx myself!)


The quilt textures are also being updated, estimated at 80%…

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Texturing the Short Fim Props – Part 12



Will de deciding on a design for the rug soon, but the main texture and bump map are almost ready to go!

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Modeling the Short Film Props – Part 11

There’ve been a few minor updates to textures since I last left off, such as the dining table.

Version 1 - Textured Planks

Version 1 – Textured Planks

Version 2 - Modeled Planks

Version 2 – Modeled Planks

Version 3 - Texture Blend Test

Version 3 – Texture Blend Test

The next step will be to lighten up the texture used for the 2nd version and try to match the 1st as closely as possible. At first I thought it looked alright, but now I’m finding it far too dark.

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VFX Project – Time Machine! Production Phase I

The model is a fairly simple thing to set up, although there will be minor revisions as the grips on the ball don’t fit as snugly as they should.


At some point after I duplicated the main ball to model the grips over it, the 2nd object moved slightly over, so when it spins now you can see that it’s unbalanced. I hadn’t intended for…

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Real Time Interactive 3D


Rendering can be a time consuming process, but in a fast paced industry,software developers are always looking for ways to speed up the process in lieu of spending time (and money) building and maintaining supercomputers for the task.


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